Taifun Organic Grill Herb Sausages 200g


Tofu 77% (water, *soyabeans), cold pressed sunflower oil, *soya sauce, *oatmeal, *onions, sea salt, *spices, *herbs *lemon oil. *organically grown ingredients.

Nutritional Information

per 100g: 1000kJ (239 kcal), protein 13.6g, carbohydrate 5.8g fat 18.1g

Other Information

Taifun uses a combination of nigari (magnesium chloride extracted from sea water) and calcium sulphate to coagulate it. This coagulation method produces a firmer texture and is also means that the tofu is a good source of calcium.

Dairy Free Egg Free Lactose Free Organic Vegan Vegetarian

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Photograph of Taifun Organic Grill Herb Sausages 200g