Genetically Modified Organisms

Goodness Foods Bulk & Wholefoods Prepacks GMF


We guarantee all wholefoods are free of GM material and will continue to be so indefinitely.

Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix - March 99 GMF

There are `no GM soya or GM maize derived ingredients' (Zoe Pye, Quality Manager, Whitworths)

Soya Flour - November 98 GMF

`(We) will use only Identity Preserved Beans grown from Non Genetically Modified seed. Registered Non Genetically Modified seed is grown and its identity preserved right from the field to the mill in the United Kingdom, where it is used to produce a full range of full fat soya products.

Soya Milk Powder - June 98 GMF

`We can confirm that all Sunrise products are free from genetically modified soya beans, including Provesol PSA, Sunrise Soya Milk Powder.' (Sonny Arora, Director)

Morning Foods (Oats) - June 98 GMF

`We confirm that we do not nor do we intend to use any genetically modified material in products manufactured and packed by us.' (Leslie Hughes, Industrial Sales)

Dried Fruit - April 99 GMF

Goodness Foods only buy dried fruit that is guaranteed GM Free

Savoury Snacks, Bombay Mix - April 99 GMF

Rapeseed oil is used, not soya oil. Corn starch has been eliminated from recipes. No artificial colours or flavour enhancer are used.

Japanese Rice Crackers - March 98 GMF

`The Japanese Rice Crackers that we supply to you are free from GMOs.' (Charlotte Ray)

Coated Snacks - September 99 GMF

York Dragee confirms their policy as only using GMO free ingredients including traceable-source lecithin and vine fruits not dressed with soya oil.

Rennell Pugh states: `The new Durkex Non G.M. Oil is called Durkex 500 NG. All products do not contain any Genetically Modified Organisms. (David Pugh, Managing Director) Chocolate Flavoured Drops (Renshaw Scott) 2.99 GMF `All chocolate flavoured coatings manufactured at this site use certified GM free ingredients.' (Clare Dall, Technical Manager)

TVP - February 98 GMF

Our supplier of TVP wrote: `We are the ONLY company in Europe to give an absolute guarantee that our soya products are produced from non-genetically modified beans. We can do this because our operation uses only certified seed stocks which are monitored by both the Brazilian government and our own internal farm supplies decision. This seed stock has been fully protected against contamination by genetically modified beans currently available in North American and other countries, since we were made aware that such alternatives were commercially available. The Brazilian government has given us assurances that they will support our efforts to maintain this seed stock being free of genetically modified alternatives for as long as our market requires and would in any case continue to assess this need against those of other interested parties. (We) have no intentions to change (our) policy on genetically modified products.'


Our own label products are GM-Free.


We will not wholesale products which are labelled as genetically modified. Current legislation requires GM products to be labelled and any food that contains protein or DNA of GM origin. Oils, lecithin and other processed ingredients are exempt from labelling because GM protein and DNA are deemed to be absent. Goodness Foods is fully committed to ensure that all the products which we supply are totally GM free, and to this end we seek guarantees from all our suppliers. Our definition of `genetically modified' includes ingredients and material derived from GM sources, even where these do not have to be declared according to current legislation.

We are pleased therefore to be able to state that Goodness Foods is totally GM free across the whole range of branded foods according to our suppliers' guarantees.