Jan's Rant

  • RAWmance

    on 16th April 2013

    RAWmance …. really?


    Sorry – some more ranting!


    Having enjoyed a background in science I always get a little annoyed when for the sake of peddling one’s ideas or wares plain scientific truths are warped....

  • Ethical Profits

    on 12th February 2013

    “Doing business is not all for the sake of profit ….” I read recently. And how true! There is much more to life then money but when dealing with top level business Execs, even in the Health food trade, the profit generation often comes out tops....

  • David vs Goliath

    on 1st September 2012

    As I write this we're in the middle of the Olympics. As always a great show of what humans are capable of doing - their athleticism, stamina and power. But as per usual there are always some occasions when the underdog, the one who was never meant to win, does the unthinkable and wins a medal against all odds. A kind of David and Goliath situation....

  • Money money money

    on 1st July 2012

    As I am writing this welcome page there are 2 major financial issues playing in the media, one at either end of the spectrum...

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20 years at Goodness Foods in a number of positions predominantly in operations and senior management functions.
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